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The Planning for Conversion Program offers financial support to Tasmanian landowners wishing to test the feasibility of establishing a new dairy conversion. It engages applicants with suitably qualified consultants to deliver robust dairy conversion plans, the critical first step in considering investment in dairy. The new 2015 program includes important changes with prospective purchaser now eligible to apply for assistance.

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Filling the Factories Project – Building the Herd Information Sessions

September 2012

The current expansion in processing capacity has unlocked the potential for a major expansion of the Tasmanian dairy industry. Building cow numbers will be a critical factor in that expansion. Where will they come from? Can we rear more and keep more or will we need to bring in cows from the mainland?

DairyTas with Macquarie Franklin is looking at ways in which farmers might profitably raise and retain more young stock.

What is covered in the sessions?

  • The benefits of rearing more young stock
  • Heifer management
  • Breeding to build the herd
  • Reproduction and Dairy Management with Charlie Perotti from Alta Genetics
  • Raising late calves

Presentations and information from Lance Davey and Basil Doonan (Macquarie Franklin), Charlie Perotti (Alta Genetics), Craig Dwyer (Smithton Vets) and Lesley Irvine (TIA) are provided.

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