Strategic Plan

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan 2011–2015

The Minister for Primary Industries, the Hon Bryan Green officially launched the new Tasmanian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan in Smithton on the 19th of November 2010.

The Plan has been developed by an industry group convened by DairyTas which includes farmers, processors, service provider and government representatives along with the main service organisations such as TFGA, Dairy Australia and DairyTas.

The new Plan builds on previous work done under the 2006 Plan but this time it has a greater focus on the importance of supply chain relationships. So it will not just focus on the farmers and their issues but on securing greater support and involvement along the links in this supply chain which we hope will drive an improved return for the Tasmanian dairy farm sector.

The Plan highlights the important strategic action areas for the dairy industry as well as the key success factors and the wider operating environment for the industry. It targets a 25% growth in milk production to 860 million litres by 2015.

Strategic Plan

Download the Dairy Industry Strategic Plan.

Skills Plan

Download the Dairy Industry Skills Plan.

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