Primary school programs

Dairy Australia offers a number of resources designed to engage and educate students about the ways dairy farmers contribute to our community and our lives.

The Picasso Cow program is a free curriculum program that encourages teachers to educate primary school-aged children about the Australian dairy industry and the health and nutrition benefits of dairy foods as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

Schools involved in Picasso Cows are provided with a blank, life size fibre glass cow to paint and decorate in one of three allocated dairy related themes – Unbeatable Bones, Fuel for Life or Farm to Plate. As part of the program schools must also complete a class learning journal that documents their program learnings from start to finish.

The programs have been written in accordance with the new Australian curriculum and they are supported by a selection of resources for teachers in the form of hard copy materials and online resources from Dairy Australia’s Discover Dairy website.

In 2014 six southern schools decorated their life size cow with the winning prize going to Snug Primary School.

Winning school Snug Primary School

Winning school Snug Primary School

A new initiative for the Picasso Cows program in 2014 was the Picasso Cow Make-over. Designed to re-engage schools previously involved in Picasso Cows, new students are introduced to the program by freshly painting over their existing Picasso Cow in one of the three dairy-related themes. The competition runs at state and national level, with a chance for schools to win cash prizes.

Latrobe Primary School were the successful school in Tasmania winning $500.

Picasso Cow Make-over, Latrobe Primary School

Picasso Cow Make-over Winner, Latrobe Primary School

In 2015 the schools involved in the Picasso Cow program are Montello Primary School, Exeter Primary School, Lilydale Primary School, West Launceston Primary School, Mowbray Heights Primary School, Riverside Primary School, Larmier Catholic Primary School, Norwood Primary School, Summerdale Primary School, Punchbowl Primary School and Glen Dhu Primary School.

Four Tasmanian schools have accepted the challenge to make-over their school cow in 2015, Romaine Park Primary School, Campbell Street Primary School, Geeveston Primary School and Rokeby Primary School. Along with their newly decorated bovine and their learning journal, documenting their learning journey from start to finish, they are competing against other schools across Australia for the first prize money of $2500.

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