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The Cows Create Careers program is designed for secondary school students to promote education and career opportunities in the dairy industry. It consists of 3 different modules.

Farm Module

The Farm Module runs as a six week project in each participating school and provides two sets of curriculum material, for Grades 7 & 8 and Grades 9 to 11. This program can easily be embedded into the curriculum and some schools choose to provide the program to an entire year group, others offer it to a single class.

All schools who participate are provided with feed supplies from sponsors who support the project at no cost.

The Cows Create Careers – Farm Module

  • demonstrates clear relationships between key learning areas in school and real life professional applications
  • introduces students to educational opportunities through vocational and university pathways
  • offers firsthand knowledge from experienced dairy farmers and industry advocates to encourage and support students
  • assists students with career decision-making through established links with education and employment sectors
  • rewards successful students and schools

The key components of the program are:

Dairy Farmer Support – A local dairy farmer lends two calves for a three week period, telling the students about the care required for the calves and also about their career in the dairy industry. The students then feed and monitor the calves as part of a series of educational activities.

Industry Advocate Support – Teachers and students are assisted by a dairy industry advocate who acts as an information resource throughout the term of the project. Students are able to ask questions, learn about careers in the dairy industry and the type of education and training required through various pathways.

Industry Research and Careers – The student teams have the opportunity to complete a multi-media presentation, a 3D model, a scientific report and thank you letter to Dairy Australia about the involvement of the dairy farmer and industry advocate at their school.

Project Assessment and evaluation – The students’ work is submitted for assessment and a report is provided to the teachers and schools. Students also complete two evaluation forms, one at the beginning and one at the end of the program. The form assesses students’ general knowledge of the dairy industry. A teacher evaluation form is also completed which provides feedback about the benefits of the project and encourages any suggestions for improvement.

As in previous years, the program would not be possible without the generous support of the many dairy farmers who provide calves to the schools, who answer the many questions the students ask and who always know which calves they sent to a school because they are the really, really quiet cattle in the paddock and in the milking herd. Just as important are the many Industry Advocates who visit the schools and discuss with students the many careers options available which are vital for running a modern and viable dairy farm.


Smithton High School

Three Presentation Days were held in late October 2016 to recognise the work students from across Tasmania have completed while participating in the CCC-Farm Module.

The presentation days recognised schools from the Burnie, Launceston and Hobart regions that had completed the program.

  • South – In the south Jordan River Learning Federation, St Virgil’s College, MacKillop Catholic College, Woodbridge District High School participated.
  • North West – In the North West, Circular Head Christian School, Burnie High School, Smithton High School, Leighland Christian School, Ulverstone High School, Penguin District School, Latrobe High School, St Brendan Shaw College and Wynyard High School were again involved.
  • North – Exeter High School, Cressy District High School, Scotch Oakburn College, Deloraine High School and Launceston Church Grammar School represented northern schools in 2016.

Prizes were awarded to the winning schools and to student teams such as, ‘Fishin For Milk’, ‘Jackie’s Joys’, ‘Legendairy’, ‘Early Risers’, ‘Shadow Angels’, and ‘Cool Cowboys’.

Southern schools winning prizes were

  • Junior Section – First prize went to Jackie’s Joys, a team from the Jordan River Learning Federation.
  • In the Senior Section three teams from St Virgil’s College took out first, second and third place.
  • St Virgil’s was also the winning school.

In the north the winning teams and schools were

  • Junior Section – First prize went to Cressy District High School, second prize was a draw between 2 teams from Scotch Oakburn College and third prize went to another team from Scotch Oakburn College.
  • The winning school was another draw between Cressy District High School and Scotch Oakburn College.
  • First prize in the Senior Section went to the Cool Cowboys from Launceston Church Grammar School.

The North West Presentation Day holds the record for the largest number of students attending from all regions across Australia. 450 students, teachers and farmers attended to see which teams were to be awarded prizes. Junior Section went to Penguin.

Manufacturing Module

Latrobe High School 1

The major objective of the Cows Create Careers – Manufacturing Module is to introduce the dairy manufacturing industry to secondary students in Grades 9 to 11, including discussions around the pathways in the dairy manufacturing industry and its many related career and educational opportunities.

Through the subject area of Food Technology students are able to create a dairy recipe, prepare a double page recipe with photographs and a dairy newsletter. A visit by an industry advocate working in dairy manufacturing or a visit to a manufacturing site is also part of the program.

At the end of the program students and teachers are able to celebrate the program at the presentation and awards ceremony.


Latrobe High School 2

In 2016 the following schools participated in the Cows Create Careers – Manufacturing Module.

  • North West – Deloraine High School, Leighland Christian School, Sheffield School and Latrobe High School.
  • South – St Michael’s Collegiate School, Rokeby High School and MacKillop College.

A Presentation Day was held in the south on October 25th with Rokeby High School claiming the program’s overall $500 school prize, while the winning team was “Legendairy” also from Rokeby High School.

At the Presentation Day held in Devonport on October 27th, for schools from the NW Coast participating in the Manufacturing Module, Burnie High School claimed the program’s overall $500 school prize, while the winning team was “Dairy Goobers” also from Burnie High School.

Camembert in the Classroom Module

Cheese by St Patrick’s College

Camembert in the Classroom is a complete curriculum package, the major objective of the program is to introduce secondary school students to dairy manufacturing career and pathways. The project has four main stages

  • teachers trained to make Camembert Cheese
  • teachers train secondary school students in teams of 2–3 to make Camembert Cheese and complete assessment tasks over a school term
  • Cheeses are judged by an expert cheese judge and
  • the best cheeses are awarded prizes at a gala presentation day

Scotch Oakburn College cheesemaking


Over 150 students were recognised at a ‘Cows Create Careers – Camembert in the Classroom’ presentation day, held on Friday 16th September 2016 at the East Devonport Recreation Centre.

The ‘Big Day Out’ presentation saw St Patrick’s College claim the $300 prize for ‘Winning Cheese’, King Island District High School won the $200 prize for ‘Runner Up Cheese’, while Devonport High School won the $250 prize for the producing the winning multimedia advertisement, ‘Why Dairy is an Important Part of Our Diet’.

Scotch Oakburn College cheesemaking

Classes from ten schools across the Devonport region have participated in the program including Scotch Oakburn College, Devonport High School, Exeter High School, Burnie High School, King Island District High School, Launceston Christian School, Hellyer College, St Patrick’s College, Tasmanian eSchool – Northern Campus and Marist Regional College.

Story about Camembert in the Classroom by Margot Kelly on ABC Rural

Judge Russell Smith

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