Tasmanian Dairy Conference 2011

Looking Ahead for the Tasmanian Dairy Industry

The 2011 Tasmanian Dairy Conference “Looking Ahead for the Tasmanian Dairy Industry” was held in Ulverstone on July 5th 2011 with nearly 200 people attending. The conference provided a balance of industry outlook information, new developments and farm management topics for farmers, industry service providers and government representatives.

Main sponsors were:

  • National Australia Bank
  • Roberts
  • Monds Feed
  • De Laval/Agritech
  • Fonterra

The presentations for 2011 covered:

  • Industry national and international trends and forecasts
  • Dairy Australia and Aust Dairy Farmers programs
  • Animal welfare standards
  • Pasture renewal and lucerne research
  • NZ Lincoln Dairy Farm development
  • Emissions trading in NZ
  • Herd fertility study
  • Automated milking
  • Hepatic oxidation in dairy cows
  • Soil conditioner project
  • Schools and cows create careers

Session sponsors were:

  • Handley AB
  • Impact fertilisers
  • IMP
  • Skills Institute
  • Wrightson Seeds
  • Bayer Animal Health
  • Degree C

The program and speaker presentations are provided here.

Program and flyer


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