Tasmanian Dairy Conference 2015

Conference 2015

2015 Legendairy Tasmanian Dairy Conference

Legendairy Ambassador, Michael Klim

26 March 2015, Burnie Arts and Function Centre

DairyTas hosted 200 people at the 8th Tasmanian Dairy Conference in Burnie on March 26th. The conference theme was Legendairy, Start and End your Day with Dairy, and the program featured new Legendairy Ambassador, Michael Klim. Michael provided some special insights into his sporting achievements and his transition into the Milk and co business. He related well with both farmers and the wider audience confirming the good fit that his role has for the dairy industry image and promotion around nutritional products.

Conference 2015

The conference had a strong emphasis on audience interaction with 2 farmer Q&A sessions and an innovations session where companies had a chance to talk about new product developments on the market. This gave the audience a chance to get up and close around demonstrations and also to get a more practical perspective on how our leading Tasmanian dairy farmers are going about their business.

The Sustainable Dairy Q&A, led by NRM Coordinator Rachel Brown, featured Brian and Michele Lawrence, Mark and Nikki Atkins and Alan and Rosie Davenport focusing on nutrient management and effluent development with FertSmart and Clean Rivers supporting water quality improvements in different areas. Clean Rivers is the new Tasmanian dairy industry focus on keeping stock out of waterways.

The Investment in Dairy Q&A featured Liz Mann, Dairy Australia’s extension coordinator talking with the Sadler/Hansen/Lawrence partnership spreading over 3 generations, Stephen Creese at Clovelly Bridport and multiple farm owner Matt Gunningham. Each farm investor had a different model and investment process but they shared common themes around supporting people into and through the industry to help them build their dairy businesses.

Gallagher display

TIA Dairy Centre, AgriTech, Gallagher, GHD and ADHIS all provided examples of new developments to help dairy farmers now and into the future. The small groups gave the audience a chance to get closer to the action and discuss the developments with presenters.

DairyTas Executive Officer Mark Smith was pleased with the attendance and the audience feedback on the conference and how the interactive and Q&A sessions worked. We are looking always for new ways to present information and the Cows Create Careers school video at the end was a great finale for our day. It is always a challenge to fit things into one day but we did have something for everyone.

Conference session

Thanks to all of our others speakers including Ian Halliday, Emily Barnes, Noel Campbell, David Nation, Michael Harvey and MaryAnn Hortle who helped make the day a success.

The day was topped off by the Dairy Awards dinner in the evening featuring a short visit from Prime Minister Abbott to toast the Tasmanian dairy industry.

Conference attendees

Special thanks to our sponsors

Major Rabobank, Ridley, Roberts

Gold Coopers Animal Health, Lion, AgriTech, Wrightson Seeds, Coprice

Sessions Agvita, Handley AB, Gallagher, De Laval

Program and sessions

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