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Successful Dairy Week and DairyTas Dairy Careers Expo

DairyTas Dairy Careers Expo 2015

The first ever DairyTas Dairy Careers Expo was held in Burnie on Wednesday, 4 November 2015 as the first activity of our Dairy Week.

We welcomed almost 500 people including senior students and interested members from the public travelling from as far away as Hobart. There they met with 25 exhibitors who were promoting the various career pathways that are available from the Dairy Industry. The broad range of business and careers available was a real eye opener for students.

DairyTas Dairy Careers Expo 2015

The exhibitors ranged from showing children how the “Stepping stones” career pathway can mean that a new dairy career entrant can start as a farm hand on a dairy farm and progress right through to Management or farm ownership if they have the ambition to. There was also strong representation from dairy product manufacturers who spoke to participants about the many careers available in their organisations and the qualifications and attributes required to gain a career within their organisations and the products they produce.

Other industries and activities ranged from chocolate making with Anvers Confectionery and DNA testing with Dairy Futures to milk testing and building fences with Tas Tafe. There were farm planning and sustainability studies, and Irrigation and machinery displays. Agronomy and research careers were also represented as was banking and Veterinary Science , animal nutrition and Universities and training authorities.

DairyTas Dairy Careers Expo 2015

School groups also visited the TIA Elliott Research Farm on the Thursday to participate in science related experiments and analysis .There were over 100 students who visited Elliott Research Farm over the 2 days.

During the week we also took the opportunity to light up Makers Workshop on the entrance to Burnie and display Picasso Cows in the grounds of the building, creating some interest with the general public.

To conclude Dairy weeks activities on Saturday. The public are invited to an farm tour to see what happens on our Focus Farm at “Limberlost” in the Tamar Valley.

All in all a great new initiative for dairy in Tasmania.

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