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Clear Springs Conversion Field Day – 18 July 2017

Clear Springs Conversion Field Day – 18 July 2017

DairyTas hosted a field day at the Clear Springs dairy farm, Meander on July 18th. The new conversion farm is in its second year of operation and had a dairy conversion plan supported by the IntoDairy project in 2015. The field day was very well attended with over 50 people present; a mix of dairy farmers, other farmers, service providers and industry representatives. The 360 ha farm is planning to milk over 1,000 cows this season in a spring calving herd, with the property now owned by a syndicate of investors coordinated by Andrew Beattie. They have a management committee involved, plus business and agronomy advisors and the farm is managed by Tim and Fiona Salter.

Clear Springs Conversion Field Day – 18 July 2017

At the day Mark Smith from DairyTas talked about the IntoDairy program and Dairy Conversions Program which has supported 18 plans over the past 3 years and then Andrew Beattie gave an overview of the ownership structure and John Wilson talked about the conversion process and the physical, financial and time planning involved. Tim Salter then covered the farm management objectives and farm operations coming into the second season. A great deal of planning has gone into the farm including a FertSmart plan. The group has subsequently undertaken a second conversion at Forester Lodge in Waterhouse.

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