Water, soil and biodiversity


Tasmania’s water and soil resources give us our competitive edge in global dairying.

Clean rivers and Tasmanian dairy farms

Tasmanian agriculture is in a globally unique situation where we are expanding our irrigated area. See http://www.tasmanianirrigation.com.au/ Using our water resources sustainability and protecting water quality is critical for the ongoing success of the dairy industry in Tasmania.

The Clean Rivers message is simple – every dairy farmer should be happy to fish, swim and drink the water downstream from their farm.


  • Healthy productive soils are a key driver of dairy farm profitability in Tasmania’s pasture based systems.
  • The dairy industry is continuing to invest in soil & nutrient projects, both in research & extension.
  • Dairy farmers are becoming more strategic in their use of fertilisers and effluent.
  • Effluent is a key part of soil management on dairy farms.
  • Regular soil testing and an understanding of nutrient budgeting are important to maintaining soil health.
  • The term ‘soil health’ means different things to different people.
  • There are many gaps in our knowledge around soils and soil biology.

Good websites for information on soils and soil health

Biodiversity resources

General dairy NRM links

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