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Tasmanian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan 2016–2021

DairyTas and its industry partners and stakeholders has developed an updated dairy industry strategic plan for the coming 5 years that builds on previous plans for the industry. DairyTas Executive Officer Mark Smith says “the plan is important for setting our goals and priorities and understanding the environment in which the industry operates”.

Dairy is the largest agricultural sector in Tasmania, contributing over $1 billion to the state economy each year. The industry generates wealth and long term jobs for regional communities, and is based on the sustainable use of Tasmania’s natural resources.

The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan sets out the critical issues to be addressed, objectives to be achieved and strategies to be implemented over the period 2016–2021.

The Plan has been prepared under the direction of the DairyTas Board and is based on an update and review of the 2010–2015 plan. It focuses on the dairy farming sector and represents a broad industry focus relevant to all industry stakeholders including farmers, service providers, consumers, government and the broader community. It reflects the challenging last 12 months for the industry but identifies a positive future with further opportunities for growth in the industry.

In the development of this Strategic Plan, the industry has consulted widely including representatives and information from farmers, industry bodies including TFGA, milk companies, TIA, banks, natural resource management regions, government and other service providers.

The focus of the plan will be:

  1. Growing the profitability and competitiveness of Tasmanian dairy farms with a focus on industry sustainability.
  2. Ensuring the industry has the skilled and capable people it needs to meet its demands, and is seen by more people as a preferred career.
  3. Maintaining the industry’s strong reputation with the community.
  4. Developing a supply chain that values farmers and the investments they need to make

A number of priorities identified around the plan that support this are:

  • Maximising profitability
  • Building and maintaining critical relationships along the supply chain
  • Investment in processing capacity
  • Further development of the industry’s and Tasmania’s brand and image
  • Pursuing options for sustainable growth
  • Supporting the efficient and sustainable use of our natural resources
  • Improving the management of risk and volatility
  • Adoption of research and innovation
  • Influencing and responding to government policy and regulation

Download the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Strategic Plan 2016–2021

For more information, please contact Mark Smith, DairyTas Executive Officer, on 0438 300 955.

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